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A Gas Line Blew Up. Time for a Five Alarm Burger?!?

A PG&E gas line blew up last night in San Bruno, CA completely destroying something like 38 homes and killing at least six people. Immediately Red Cross was setting up shelter locations and asking for blood and money donations. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to help in some way…in any way, but my first reaction wouldn’t be to go pick up some burgers from Red Robin and hand them out to victims and spectators.

Reporters were on scene getting interviews from anyone they could and they pulled aside a good samaritan who explained he had a friend that worked at Red Robin, so he thought it would be great to go pick up some free food and bring it on down to the unfortunate people who were just traumatized by a 1,000 foot fireball wreaking havoc through their neighborhood. Never mind that this was maybe only an HOUR after it all went down…people might be hungry, they just lost everything, but a burger will cheer them up and show them there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I know what you’re thinking. Better that someone had the decency to do SOMETHING rather than NOTHING like me, right? Yeah, think what you want…I’m on my way to get some Red Robin…YUMMMMM.

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