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Go, Go Power Rangers!

Today, I morphed into a Power Ranger. It was actually kinda funny–this conversation between me and my mom and how it all happened:

K: I went on a jog this afternoon instead of going to the gym.
G: You can still run?
K: Yes I can still run (very sarcastic tone) It took me a while to get going today because yesterday I focused on my legs and today they feel like they’re a friggin’ ton.
G: Oh
K: I don’t full on sprint or anything, it’s more like a jog most of the time…wanna see?

At that very moment when I started to demonstrate my jog, my mom’s cell phone rang. Apparently, my brother’s ringtone is the Power Rangers theme song.

So there you have it folks; looks like I jogged myself straight into mighty morphin’ mode…now where did I put my mask?


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