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What Happened to Capitalism?

Have I ever said how much I despise hybrid cars? 

Why yes, I think I recall a blog post I did in 2008 called Green Overkill; here’s an excerpt:

The same goes for my car—sure I like a good gas saver, but why do they have to be so ugly.  I love muscle cars, hot rods, gas sucking machines that reek of pure power (aka gross polluters).  Make a muscle car that gets awesome gas mileage, saves me money, but doesn’t suffer from a case of unappealing syndrome, and I’ll be the first one in line to buy.  Here’s a thought:  why not let the gross polluters ride in the carpool lane so they’re not sitting in traffic as long polluting our precious air?  The hybrids should be the ones sitting in traffic because they don’t pollute as much right?  Seems to make some sense, but for a while one of the top selling points of hybrids in California was that if you buy one, you have access to the coveted single-rider carpool access sticker—another reward for going green.  

Things haven’t changed much in my mind since I wrote this, and today I read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that had an awesome quote from a Tracy Chevrolet salesman:  “People don’t look at Chevys for hybrids,” he said. “They want something big and muscular. Personally, I wouldn’t drive a hybrid if it was the last car on Earth. To save fuel, I’d push my El Camino before I’d drive a hybrid.”

Photo reposted from Brant Ward / The Chronicle

Photo reposted from The Chronicle

This article actually came about because of  General Motor’s recent bankruptcy.  Personally, I don’t like the idea of General Motors becoming Government Motors.  There’s speculation that things would be worse off if we let GM fail, but I’m not completely sold on that.  This is America–companies are born and they die all the time, and life goes on.  These days it seems as though our economic success as a country hinges on something new every day–today it’s GM…tomorrow it will be some other monstrously huge company.  Do we really want the government sticking their fingers in yet another pie…as if it doesn’t have enough to deal with already?  What happened to friggin’ capitalism?

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