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His Baloney Pony

Family Feud has been full of surprises these last few days. First the Hershey squirts was a top reason a man would be in a womens restroom. 

Tonight, according to 100 women, the #3 thing a man can hold that a woman finds sexy is his baloney pony!

Oh yah, and my new nickname for butthole is officially fudge factory.


This was body parts that make noise.



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Hoarder Hunters

I came up with a new reality show concept today. It’s a cross between American Pickers and Hoarders. Pickers scavenge through the crap hoarders can bear to get rid of.


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Go, Go Power Rangers!

Today, I morphed into a Power Ranger. It was actually kinda funny–this conversation between me and my mom and how it all happened:

K: I went on a jog this afternoon instead of going to the gym.
G: You can still run?
K: Yes I can still run (very sarcastic tone) It took me a while to get going today because yesterday I focused on my legs and today they feel like they’re a friggin’ ton.
G: Oh
K: I don’t full on sprint or anything, it’s more like a jog most of the time…wanna see?

At that very moment when I started to demonstrate my jog, my mom’s cell phone rang. Apparently, my brother’s ringtone is the Power Rangers theme song.

So there you have it folks; looks like I jogged myself straight into mighty morphin’ mode…now where did I put my mask?


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Transition Time

Occasionally, I will watch Super Nanny and it always reminds me of the many reasons I don’t ever want to have children.  I find myself glued to the abhorent behavior of the little demons, and my heart goes out to their parents…but not too much because the parents almost always have some fault that contributed to the rise of the evil.  No one is a perfect parent–everyone can just hope to do their best. 

Anyway, that was a digression from what I really wanted to talk about.  I picked up on a method of calming while watching Super Nanny last week called Transition Time.  It’s when you come home from work and just chill for 10-15 minutes without going off and doing something right away.  In this instance the dad was a cop and his job was pretty stressful.  That translated into tense, stressful behavior at home and he treated his kids and wife as if everything was a downtown interrogation. 

Today I came home and tried out Transition Time.  I walked through the door, threw my stuff on the table and plopped on the couch.  I stared out the window and made my mind go blank.  It only stayed blank for a minute or so, and then I started thinking of things that didn’t have to do with work like my dog having Davis Street Dumps breath, the toilet I heard about on the radio that can flush “anything,”  and that friggin’ car that wouldn’t stop honking outside! 

I liked Transition Time.  It felt good to release my tension, and now I feel like a nap!  Better not though, because then I’ll have problems getting back to sleep and my whole day will be off balance tomorrow.  I’m going to go catch up on Dancing with the Stars until the husband comes home (he makes me watch that crap “on my own time” aka when he’s not around).  I like to watch reality TV because people interest me…and by the way, I only catch Super Nanny because it comes on after Wife Swap, which I love!  And for the record, my all-time favorite reality TV show is the Amazing Race.

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