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Happy Birthday Bum

We took my mom out to dinner for her birthday, and when we were all done we came out of the restaurant to this lovely surprise:


Yes, folks–this is a bum deficating in public.  My sister was able to take this pic with her cell camera.  She thought it was safe to get close after the restaurant owner came out and poked the guy and he didn’t do anything.  I feel most sorry for the guy who was inside the building since he had to stare at bum butt pressed up against his window!

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Dear Chicken: My Ode to an Egg

Did you know that some grade-school children write letters to chickens? 

As I was cooking my egg this morning I heard this on the Rachael Ray show…funny that I happened to be cooking an egg at the time, but it gave me an idea.  The segment was called  Teaching Kids to Grow, and it was about a young teacher who realized that many kids think produce originates from a grocery store.  I think programs like this are cool, and it mixes things up in the classroom, while also enriching the lives of students. 

Anyhow, I was inspired to write a small bit about my breakfast.  I call it Ode to an Egg:

Egg, you are so wonderful,
I eat you almost every day.
Yummy protein in my tummy,
Oozing yolk I used to hate,
What would I do without you?
Would you tell your mom,
She can come live in my backyard.
I won’t tell the city of San Leandro.

Apparently, it’s a big deal if you keep chickens in your backyard and you’re within San Leandro city limits.  I think this is common in most citys–it’s been in the paper a lot recently.  I think that due to the economic situation, some cities are rethinking this policy…something about sustainable living.  Roosters, however, have to stay out of the city because they talk too much in the early morning hours.

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