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2011 Crayon Colors of The Year

I hereby declare the 2011 crayon colors of the year to be Obama Brown and Recession Red.

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Open Carry Movement

I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of days trying to decide how I felt about the upswing of the open carry movement in California.

Open carrier at Starbucks - Original image at in their Specail Report video


For those of you who don’t know, it’s legal in California to openly carry an unloaded, holstered handgun as long as you’re not within 1,000 feet of a school, on the grounds of a college or university, in a government building or the secure area of an airport. Also, if you have a drug or violent crime conviction or mental disorders, then you can’t even own a gun. It is illegal in CA in carry a concealed weapon at any time.

Recently there have been more people in the San Francisco Bay Area deciding to exercise their right and open carry their firearm in public…like when they go to Starbucks or Wal-Mart. Of course, some people freak out because they see someone carrying a gun and they automatically assume that gun is loaded…and they ask themselves what the heck that person is doing carrying a gun at Wal-Mart anyway?!?

Take a look at this video posted on KTVU’s web site: SPECIAL REPORT: Open Carry Advocates Maintain Right to Bear Arms [Lloyd LaCuesta]

Well, here’s my two cents on the whole open carry thing: I think it’s a bad way to exercise your second amendment right. At my first consideration, I thought it was pretty cool, but after giving it some more attention I don’t think it’s such a smart thing and here’s why:

1.)    You call a bunch of negative, unnecessary attention to yourself. I’m the kind of person that likes to lie low. I don’t want anyone watching what I do, checking out how I look, and of all things, I don’t want to be bothered by the police. I just like to go about my business without being interrupted.

2.)    It’s not necessary to openly carry a gun in public to “protect” yourself. What you’re really doing here is putting a big bullseye on your back to be messed with. If you truly feel the need to carry a gun for protection reasons, then you should CONCEAL CARRY. Yeah, it’s illegal in CA but if you feel your life is that much in jeopardy, then by all means just do it! It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be stopped by police and checked for a gun if you’re just a regular ol’ citizen going about your daily routine and not being all suspicious and stuff.

3.)    Open carriers are making things worse for every gun owner in CA and they’re making us look bad. We’re a very liberal state and the average person here is not pro-gun or pro-hunting—we’re in the minority and have to work that much harder to do our thing without someone—government or otherwise—interfering with our lifestyle. When Sally, mother of three, sees you walking down the street with your 9mm hanging at your waist, she’s going to call the police because she thinks you’re carrying a loaded weapon and are out to shoot someone/something. I saw this other video about the open carry movement in Virginia, and this guy said “When I go to the store with my weapon no one bothers me.” Well, duh! I’m not bothered by many at the store either…except for bums who want money, solicitors trying to sell me something, and crowded aisles on occasion. How about next time I want them to leave me alone I’ll just point to my gun and tell them to fuck off.

No one is respected just because they have a gun strapped to their person. There’s that old saying about respect being earned…well I disagree with that. Everyone I meet has my complete respect—their respect bank is 100% full from the moment we’re introduced. Over time, their actions determine if that bank will remain full or if it will deteriorate. This is how I operate because we’re all human in this world—no one superior to another in nature—so you don’t have to bow down to me, or impress me, or be some kind of friggin’ “hero” or an evangelist in order for me to respect you. In summary, if more people thought THIS way, we would live in a much more polite society—NOT if you open carry a gun!

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Patrick Swayze Goes to Heaven

Yeah, so it’s a bit untimely, but I’ve been quite busy and haven’t found my way to posting this overdue blog entry…until now.

In 2008 I found a Dirty Dancing calendar in the dollar bin at Borders. When the year came to an end I saved some of the pictures from the calendar because I thought they might come in handy at a later time (for what, I don’t know). Anyhow, at one point I cut Patrick Swayze out of a picture and gave him to my co-worker who made him the guardian of her cubicle plants. There he remained until one day I noticed that another one of my co-workers had taken paper doll Patrick to his cubicle to guard over a collection of stress ball squeezie things. Paper doll Patrick became somewhat of a department joke and eventually ended up pinned up between two cubicles as a decoration. About a week after he’d been hanging around up there, he died in real life. I partially attribute this to the fact that he was shanked in the head by a cubicle tack–poor Patrick was a voodoo doll!





Patrick pinned up like a voodoo doll

Since I’m a Patrick Swayze fan, I thought it only decent to give his paper doll likeness a proper sendoff to heaven.  



Patrick attached to his heaven-bound balloons

Check out the video I took of his final journey:




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Weird News in Florida?

While reading weird news, I came across the Floriduh blog authored on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel web site by Liz Doup and Barbara Hijek.


I thought their about sections were funny.

Is it just a coincidence that I watched Police Women of Broward County last night?

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Go, Go Power Rangers!

Today, I morphed into a Power Ranger. It was actually kinda funny–this conversation between me and my mom and how it all happened:

K: I went on a jog this afternoon instead of going to the gym.
G: You can still run?
K: Yes I can still run (very sarcastic tone) It took me a while to get going today because yesterday I focused on my legs and today they feel like they’re a friggin’ ton.
G: Oh
K: I don’t full on sprint or anything, it’s more like a jog most of the time…wanna see?

At that very moment when I started to demonstrate my jog, my mom’s cell phone rang. Apparently, my brother’s ringtone is the Power Rangers theme song.

So there you have it folks; looks like I jogged myself straight into mighty morphin’ mode…now where did I put my mask?


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What Happened to Capitalism?

Have I ever said how much I despise hybrid cars? 

Why yes, I think I recall a blog post I did in 2008 called Green Overkill; here’s an excerpt:

The same goes for my car—sure I like a good gas saver, but why do they have to be so ugly.  I love muscle cars, hot rods, gas sucking machines that reek of pure power (aka gross polluters).  Make a muscle car that gets awesome gas mileage, saves me money, but doesn’t suffer from a case of unappealing syndrome, and I’ll be the first one in line to buy.  Here’s a thought:  why not let the gross polluters ride in the carpool lane so they’re not sitting in traffic as long polluting our precious air?  The hybrids should be the ones sitting in traffic because they don’t pollute as much right?  Seems to make some sense, but for a while one of the top selling points of hybrids in California was that if you buy one, you have access to the coveted single-rider carpool access sticker—another reward for going green.  

Things haven’t changed much in my mind since I wrote this, and today I read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that had an awesome quote from a Tracy Chevrolet salesman:  “People don’t look at Chevys for hybrids,” he said. “They want something big and muscular. Personally, I wouldn’t drive a hybrid if it was the last car on Earth. To save fuel, I’d push my El Camino before I’d drive a hybrid.”

Photo reposted from Brant Ward / The Chronicle

Photo reposted from The Chronicle

This article actually came about because of  General Motor’s recent bankruptcy.  Personally, I don’t like the idea of General Motors becoming Government Motors.  There’s speculation that things would be worse off if we let GM fail, but I’m not completely sold on that.  This is America–companies are born and they die all the time, and life goes on.  These days it seems as though our economic success as a country hinges on something new every day–today it’s GM…tomorrow it will be some other monstrously huge company.  Do we really want the government sticking their fingers in yet another pie…as if it doesn’t have enough to deal with already?  What happened to friggin’ capitalism?

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Recovering from Luke Skywalker

I bought some Axe Recovery body wash for my husband and when I smelled it I was immediately taken back to my childhood days of shampooing with Luke Skywalker.  They smell almost exactly the same!


I always thought it was rather sick to rip off Luke’s head and empty his frothy guts into my hand to clean my hair.  I had Chewbacca bubble bath too!

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