His Baloney Pony

Family Feud has been full of surprises these last few days. First the Hershey squirts was a top reason a man would be in a womens restroom. 

Tonight, according to 100 women, the #3 thing a man can hold that a woman finds sexy is his baloney pony!

Oh yah, and my new nickname for butthole is officially fudge factory.


This was body parts that make noise.


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2 responses to “His Baloney Pony

  1. Hello,
    I noticed that you used my photo for the header image on this website:

    I don’t mind at all and I’m glad you found it useful to use on your website. Can you please credit me as the photographer of the photo beneath it or some where on the website like this:

    By Dallas Photographer, Matthew T Rader

    Thank you

    • Krista

      Hi There,

      I’ve actually been meaning to swap out my header image for a long time – as you might be able to tell I don’t regularly post to this blog and I can’t remember where I even got the image used in the header and can’t for sure confirm if it is indeed yours. That said, I’ve removed what was there and replaced it with a free stock photo.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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