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Was it Jesus…or Charles Manson?

This week, a South Carolina couple claimed to have returned from church and spotted the likeness of Jesus on a Wal-Mart receipt that they obtained a few days earlier.

I sent my mom and dad a link to the article because my mom once found the likeness of Jesus in a towel hanging in her bathroom. My mom immediately came back and said the image on the receipt looks more like Charles Manson than Jesus.

I tend to agree – so what does that mean hmmm….

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2011 Crayon Colors of The Year

I hereby declare the 2011 crayon colors of the year to be Obama Brown and Recession Red.

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Hoarder Hunters

I came up with a new reality show concept today. It’s a cross between American Pickers and Hoarders. Pickers scavenge through the crap hoarders can bear to get rid of.


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