His Baloney Pony

Family Feud has been full of surprises these last few days. First the Hershey squirts was a top reason a man would be in a womens restroom. 

Tonight, according to 100 women, the #3 thing a man can hold that a woman finds sexy is his baloney pony!

Oh yah, and my new nickname for butthole is officially fudge factory.


This was body parts that make noise.


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My mom told me about this movie, Teeth, and it’s about a vagina with – you guessed it – teeth!

Watching now.

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Update: Owl Tattoo

Just posting a quick update on my last post why-so-serious-asked-the-owl.

My owl tattoo is complete – I named him Garth. Here’s a picture:

Also, I am still planning on getting that silly owl my husband drew for me. I’m going to surprise him with it one day…soon!

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“Why so serious,” asked the owl

S: Let’s get tattoos for our anniversary.
K: Ok – I want an owl.
S: I drew you an owl. *sends me a pic of an owl doodle he did on his mousepad.

K: LOL, no way! I’m not gonna get that.
S: Why not? It’s an owl.

**Next day**

K: I changed my mind, I’m getting that owl you drew me on the inside of my heel.
S: What – you’re just kidding.
K: Nope – I’m gonna do it because when I look at it, it makes me laugh, and I’m doing it to remind myself that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously all the time.

We scheduled our appointments and put down our deposits for our 13th anniversary tattoos today. Steve is getting a wind rose on his forearm and I’m getting my owl. I’m actually getting two owls – the one I had originally thought of on the inside of my leg above my ankle, and Steve probably doesn’t believe me, but I already asked the artist if he could throw in the one my husband drew on my heel.

Life doesn’t always have to be so damn serious!


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Survival of the babies

I think it was last month that I was watching TV with the hubbs and sister in law (SNL) that I started wondering what life was like for the very first humans on earth. Oh, I know, it was because were talking about reality shows and I said a totally extreme reality show would be to put a bunch of babies on an island all alone and see how they survive.

My SNL said they wouldn’t survive and that they would die. That’s probably true, but it made me think – who the hell took care of little babies to begin with? I’m pretty sure we didn’t appear as full-grown adults on earth; we didn’t arrive in a puff of smoke and automatically know what had to be done to survive. Something had to help us out…

I believe we evolved, but when you really think about it, it’s all a big curiosity. Was I once a bug, or a dinosaur? Did I come from the dirt, or the water? Maybe I was an ape, but if that’s the case where did the ape come from?

Eh, at least this is more intriguing to think about than our new AA+ credit rating.

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Was it Jesus…or Charles Manson?

This week, a South Carolina couple claimed to have returned from church and spotted the likeness of Jesus on a Wal-Mart receipt that they obtained a few days earlier.

I sent my mom and dad a link to the article because my mom once found the likeness of Jesus in a towel hanging in her bathroom. My mom immediately came back and said the image on the receipt looks more like Charles Manson than Jesus.

I tend to agree – so what does that mean hmmm….

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2011 Crayon Colors of The Year

I hereby declare the 2011 crayon colors of the year to be Obama Brown and Recession Red.

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Hoarder Hunters

I came up with a new reality show concept today. It’s a cross between American Pickers and Hoarders. Pickers scavenge through the crap hoarders can bear to get rid of.


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Dear America, Don’t You Take Away My Mortgage Interest Tax Break!

Mortgage Interest Tax Break No Longer Sacred?

I just read this news article by NPR and I am incensed…royally pissed off!

There are millions of homeowners in the US like me – far from “rich” or “wealthy” in the monetary sense who rely on this very small tax break to lessen the blow every April. This year I only received a break of $200 after paying $9k in mortgage interest, and I still ended up having to pay the feds some money.

The “rich” only make up about 1% of the population! Cuts like these will only hurt the rest of us, and as usual the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

My personal opinion about plugging the HUGE budget deficit is to stop spending billions, or maybe it’s trillions, on all the foreign war crap and start putting American’s money back into America!

I know the war situation is complex and the justification is that we’re doing it to protect our freedoms, but I’m calling a big bullshit on that because it appears that we have less freedom now than we did before 9/11, and I’m sorry that so many people died and continue to die for our government’s ulterior motives abroad.

American’s freedoms are being taken away bit by bit and it trickles down from federal government to local government. Yes, our local governments very much enjoy restricting our actions and making stupid laws to protect things like grass rather than citizens. Sure, for the most part I can go out and live my life without having to worry about being shot by a guerrilla or blown up by a suicide bomber, but I might be arrested or fined if I sit on the sidewalk in San Francisco or play in a bounce house at a park in Walnut Creek.

I’m appalled at the ridiculousness of all of this! America, please stop slowly stripping my freedoms and then taxing me for it. I want my money and my freedom back with interest!

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Jack Black is awesome!

I saw a movie trailer for Gulliver’s Travels this morning and remembered how much I love Jack Black! ¬†Enjoy!

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